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*PLEASE READ FIRST*  I used to launch my ouijas and scyrhes as pre-orders once or twice a year, but now I create limited quantities and will list them when they are completed. If you're interested in this design, please click the "notify when available" button on this page to request a restock. I plan these particular updates updates by requests now. :)


Looking to conjure spirits?

These delicately crafted, hand-painted travel-sized  Ouija boards and goat head planchettes are perfect for ghost hunters on the go!

Size: 8.5x9.5board Size: 2x4 planchette Thickness: 1/4


Medium: Gouache and ink Surface: Laser cut wood Comes in black Keep in mind that each ouija is hand painted, so details will be similar but may vary from the above photographs. For the sake of keeping my ouija's quality top notch, I cannot make guarantee’s on shipping earlier then the specified time. Thank you so much for your understanding and support! I ship all of my items with tracking and insurance.

Ghost Bunny Ouija Board - Orange

Out of Stock
  • Ships first week of December 2020 

    No returns or exchanges

    But please contact me if you have any problems with your order.

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